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Final Service

Cocktail accessories don’t come any prettier than our “final service” Japanese style barspoon with “teardrop” end. Combines balance & intuitive function for mixing and stirring cocktails.

Only £15

Cocktail Mixer

This elegant Parisian-style cocktail shaker is available in stainless steel or copper-plated finishes. Its head can also be used for making stirred drinks. The ultimate in luxury bar equipment.

Only £30

The Past

Story-telling and bartender myths are ubiquitous in our world; the tall tales and unbelievable truths of bootlegging, Al Capone, the jazz-fuelled tumult of the roaring twenties and prohibition. Our work is fuelled by a reverence for this Golden Age of cocktails, where a hard drink was good to find.

The Present

Cocktail culture has finally recovered from the dark days of sour mix and disco drinks and is revitalised, underpinned by world-class cocktail bars and discerning home bartenders alike. Fine Drinking provides the hardware for this Renaissance in taste and quality, from core bar equipment to specialist cocktail accessories.

The Future

Maybe you’ll master a Dry Martini. Maybe you’ll learn to layer. Or maybe you’ll just entertain in style. The road to Fine Drinking is paved with luxury and functionality - one would be useless without the other.